Get the Right Keywords for SEO with These Three Ways

If you have a business and use social media in marketing the business, then you can use SEO as a very appropriate marketing process. One of the SEO services that you can use is seo nyc. That way, the marketing that you do will be very appropriate and can be known by many people. Because the purpose of SEO is to increase traffic on your website.


One of the things that can affect the SEO that you have is keywords. The right keywords can increase traffic on your website. hence, keyword research is needed before you run the SEO process. To get the right keywords, some of these methods are suitable for you to try.

– Keyword analysis
The first thing to do is to analyze keywords before writing articles, in this case, there are many tools that can be used, but the most popular and most accurate tools still use Google trends. By using Google Trend we can collect several keywords at once without paying, and the second Google Adword keywords tool. This is also one tool that helps to find and target the right keywords to target.

– Write the latest and original articles
The next step is to write articles fresh and original. Why? Because Google and other search engines always place sites that have articles that are fresh and original. In addition to these two things, the content must really provide the right information and provide experience to the reader. Do not let you write only focus on your business, but provide more detailed and informative information, this will make it easier for the target keywords that you aim to appear on the first page of the search.

– Place target keywords
You need to know that writing that focuses on target keywords must really pay attention to a number of things, from the title of the article to keyword density. In this case, if you still can’t write the right article according to your keyword target, you can learn in the article how to place the right keywords.

Several simple tips for maximizing your SEO result

Search engine optimization or SEO can be a practical strategy to increase the popularity of a site or blog. Site owners and blogs who utilize the media for promotional purposes or as part of an affiliate marketer will benefit greatly from search engine optimization. One of the most important benefits of successful SEO is the ease of internet users to be exposed to information about the optimized site or blog content. A situation that usually continues on the decision to access the site or blog and increase organic traffic from a site or blog. Aside from that, don’t forget to hire an experienced SEO company like Charles Brian International if your website’s rank gets dropped significantly.


There are some simple tips to improve the SEO effect that can be practiced in order to increase the number of visitors and the popularity of a site. One of them is to add tags to the content that is loaded on the site or blog. Tags in the form of keywords that match the content or content can add strength from SEO on a page on a web page. A site page can be indexed on the front page of the search engine because there are tags in the form of keywords that match the keywords used for a search. Modifying the writing on keywords that tag a site’s content can be an alternative to increase the chances of a high indexed page. Modify the writing that can be done is to edit the keyword to bold, italic and underline. Besides impacting SEO on the page of a site’s content; the use of bold, italic and underline on the content can also make it easier for readers to find important parts of the content being read.

Another simple method is to use SEO plugins. This method can be very effective for site or blog owners with the WordPress platform. There are several SEO plugin packages that can be used like WordPress SEO. Plugins can be very useful and easy to do. Some plugins have a very practical way of usage by filling out the form from the plugin used. Installing images or images containing keywords can also be done in order to maximize the SEO effect on content in optimized site pages.