Know the Best Type of Internet Service Provider Based on Your Need

Why do you go to For your information, there are several types of ISPs. This type of ISP is categorized based on its services and characteristics. Based on its characteristics, ISPs are divided into several types, namely:

Connection speed. For most internet users, internet speed is very important. Because the old internet will hinder the activities carried out. Including one of them is buffering when streaming a video.

Web hosting
If you do not have a server, for hosting purposes you can use an ISP server based on the size of each site.

Virus Scan
ISPs can carry out virus scanning and anti-spam when users upload files or other activities that can endanger other users.

Content Filter
Can be used to block a site that is dangerous or inappropriate so it can also help to eliminate the possibility of automatic downloads of dangerous sites.

Phone Network
An ISP connection can also be used as a telephone line that allows call connections using an internet connection network.