A simple yet useful trick for learning the foreign languages

When learning a foreign language, in fact, you already know some basic words without realizing it. For example, the words “child,” “sick,” or “expensive” in the Indonesian language, have the same meaning in the Malay and Tagalog languages used in the Philippines. The word “late” (“late” in Bahasa Indonesia) and “auntie” (aka aunt, Indonesian) also have the same meaning as “te laat” and “aunt” in Dutch. Meanwhile, you may visit Trinity College Glasgow, if you need to take the exam for acquiring the UK visa.

In addition, the languages of European countries such as France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, and others – even some vocabulary in Japan and Korea – have many words similar to English that show that they share the same etymology. For example:

Arm (arm)

France: le bras

Italy: il braccio

Spanish: El Brazo

Fever (fever)

France: la fièvre

Italy: la febbre

Spanish: la fiebre

Tongue (tongue)

France: la langue

Italy: la lingua

Spanish: la lengua

That’s it for the tips that we may share with you this time regarding the language learning. We hope this can be useful for you and you may be able to learn the foreign languages easier and faster.