This Reasons Electrical Voltage Affects Resistive Air Conditioner

In the air conditioner, you have, of course, there are various parts that you should know and you clean for proper care. This is because each part is necessary and must be maintained properly. However, if anything is damaged, then you can use the services of air conditioning service to be handled properly and quickly.

One of the things that can make your air conditioner quickly damaged is due to unstable voltage. Like other electronic devices, unstable power voltages are often the cause of damage to air conditioning. Sudden electrical voltage drops affect the work of almost any AC device, especially its compressor and PCB module. Like an engine on a car, the compressor takes the main role of air conditioning. Inside this compressor, there is a motor that drives the cooling circulation and sucks heat. Although the AC is new, unsuitable electrical voltage leads to very sensitive compressors to a current and electrical voltage more easily damaged.

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