How the beginners should invest their bitcoin

Currently, Bitcoin name is certainly not foreign anymore, they are a busy investment tool discussed. Even in 2017 and its investment value rose 200 percent or 20-fold. Through this post, I will give tips on how to make an investment in Bitcoin for beginners, so that later will not lose. Meanwhile, don’t forget to also check out the bitcoin in IRA.

The good way to invest is, you just buy the Bitcoin and do not need to understand about the technology and other frills. If you already have Bitcoin, then continue to save or make trading on Bitcoin and this has been named as an investment and this tips.

Bitcoin Wallet Hardware
For the issue of price, Bitcoin is experiencing ups and downs, even though the price in the range of one year ahead is predicted to reach billions. Then you should store your Bitcoin in a long time span. So when buying and using Bitcoin wallet hardware, it can even be much safer than hacker attacks.

Bitcoin Information Site
If you want to invest in Bitcoin with the maximum, it must be diligent to read or find information about Bitcoin.

Anti Crypto Phishing Software
We recommend that you immediately install software called EAL and MetaMask for google chrome, so when visiting a phishing site there will be a warning.

Offline Swallow Bitcoin
If the price of Bitcoin wallet hardware is expensive, then you can use my ether wallet (local) software. This software can be used without having to use the internet.

Beware of Messages on the Internet
If you have invested in Bitcoin, then hackers will surely monitor you. Even send data that trap can be via email, WhatsApp, and Telegram. So every message should not be opened immediately, see who the recipients are.

Enable 2FA Features
To be always safe when connected in an internet connection, then immediately enable feature 2FA (2 Factor Authentication.

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